Scholarships and Grants

The Parkway Community Organizations Scholarship

The Parkway Community Organizations, Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Rockford Lions Club and The Leota Braun Charitable Foundation Incorporated, as a part of the service they provide for the community, offers financial aid in the form of scholarship monies to deserving graduating high school students. Scholarship application form for the Rockford Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.

Scholarship Recipients

2013 Isaac Myers
2011 Evie Smith
2010 Paige Kelly
2009 Reese Boroff
2008 Clayton Ford
2007 Andrea Vasquez
2006 Casey Craft
2005 Susan Stephenson
2004 Cassandra Salway
2003 Bethany Jean Smith
2002 Andrea Hamrick

Scholarship Review Team

  • Dennis Hecht
  • Greg Puthoff
  • Tom Ransbottom
  • Steve Schaaf
  • Norm Van Tilburg

2013 Scholarship Recipient

Isaac Myers receives the Rockford
Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
for 2013 from Jane Cozad.


Scholarship Application

May 1 is the deadline for applications.

Medical-Dental Procurement Interest Free Loan

The Medical Dental Procurement Board has been established to see that the needs of the community are met to establish people in the fields of medicine and dentistry.

The original Board was established in 1972 and was successful in acquiring three doctors to begin their practice in Rockford. In 1994, it was decided that our needs for medical and dental doctors had been met. The Board decided that it would use the funding to make interest free loans to graduates of Parkway High School who would be entering the field of dentistry or medicine. As of this time we have made loans to twenty-one students.

Application Submission

Should you be interested in submitting an application for loan, the application can be filled out and mailed to:

The Medical-Dental Procurement Board
of the Rockford Chamber of Commerce

Evelyn Beerbower
3384 Rockford-West Road
Rockford, OH 45882-9402

Members of the Board

  • Evelyn Beerbower
  • Dr. John Granger
  • Dan Henkle
  • Susan Miller
  • Marcia Ripley
  • Dr. Jerry Sell

Fast Facts

21 students have been recipients of the Medical Dental Procurement loan.

$46,000.00 in loans have been awarded.


Loan Application

May 1 is the deadline for applications.