Radio Station (101.3FM WRKD)

1013RKD Logo FinalOn March 27, 2014 the Village of Rockford received the official letter from the Federal Communications Commission that we had been approved for a low power broadcast station construction permit.

This permit allows us 16 months to get our radio station up and running to FCC specifications.

The call letters are WRKD-fmlp. The station will be found on 101.3FM.

Jim Crocker - The General Manger states "The station is a non commercial station that will rely on volunteers and donations to operate. The station will be playing music from the late 60s to today. We will be airing Parkway sports as well, after we get the station up and going. I have a few volunteers in place that will be doing live shows and most importantly airing any info that is important to the citizens safety and property."

Visit the 101.3FM WRKD Radio Station Website!

Donations can be sent to:

Village of Rockford
c/o WRKD
PO Box 282
Rockford, OH 45882