Citizen of the Year

2017 Citizen of the Year

Barb Pedroza

Congratulations Barb Pedroza on becoming Rockford Chamber of Commerce 2017 Citizen of the Year!

Barb Pedroza & family

Where it all began...

Beginning in 1974, the Rockford Chamber of Commerce has annually recognized as "Citizen of the Year" a person who has made significant community improvement, leadership, and service contributions to the Rockford area over a prolonged period. Purposes of this award are to honor deserving individuals, to encourage community service and volunteerism, and to generate positive publicity for the area. A committee consisting of the three former Citizens of the Year selects the candidates for this honor. The award is made as the highlight of the annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet, held the fourth Thursday of October.

Citizen of the Year Recipients

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