Village History

Did You Know? Rockford...
  • water toweris the oldest town in Mercer County.
  • was founded as Shanesville in 1820 by Anthony Shane, a French Ottawa Indian.
  • was the first town in the county to have street lights.
  • once had a power plant, airport and opera house.
  • started a Main Street reconstruction project in 1999.
  • installed a new water tower in 2000.
  • constructed a new K-12 school building in 2006.
  • has over 6,000 vehicles travel through the village each day.
  • has an old log home, believed to be the home of founder, Anthony Shane, that is now a historical site.

Johnny Appleseed Foundation

On April 29, 1828, a lease was signed by Colonel William Botts Hedges and John Chapman for the planting of apple trees on the Hedges property in Shanesville, Ohio. One thousand trees were to be planted over a period of ten years and, since that time, the trees have disappeared, the town has changed it's name, and various owners have tended the property. On Thursday, September 24, 2009, Johnny Appleseed once again made his mark on the former Hedges property. In celebration of his 235th birthday, the Johnny Appleseed Foundation - in conjunction with American Forests - planted two apple trees that were propagated from the only Johnny Appleseed tree known to exist today. These two trees were planted on the homestead of Mike and Debi Schumm (formerly Hedges Nursery) in Rockford, Ohio (formerly Shanesville).