Employment Opportunities

The Village of Rockford is accepting applications for: Village Administrator


The employee shall be responsible for various duties for the Village of Rockford, Mercer County, Ohio, and shall be answerable to the Mayor and the Village Council of Rockford.  Said employee shall exercise judgment and initiative to safeguard the investment of the Village, and shall be responsible for the following duties.

  • Oversee the preparation of specifications and bid documents for equipment and    material purchases.
  • Purchase all supplies and equipment.
  • Approve all invoices and assure that all supplies and equipment were received prior to payment.
  • Review and approve all plans submitted to the Village.
  • Attend all council meetings, Park Board meetings, Planning and Zoning meetings, Council committee meetings, public hearings and other special meetings.
  • Plan and organize the duties and responsibilities of the Street Department.
  • Assist and supervise the Street department in the improvement and repair of streets, alleys, bridges, sidewalks, sewers, drains, ditches, culverts, stream and water courses as well as the lighting, sprinkling, and cleaning of all streets, alleys, and along with public buildings and places.
  • Act as liaison between the council and the public in regard to all complaints and problems received from industry, businesses, and residents and to respond to council instructions.
  • Work on Economic Development of the existing businesses and industry and the continued development of the Village.
  • Update and maintain all village maps, streets, water and wastewater.
  • Plan and organize the duties and responsibilities of the Water Department and Wastewater Department as deems necessary for the safe, economical and efficient management and protection of the public utilities.
  • The employee shall, if deemed necessary, call an outside contractor to perform additional labor or specialized skills in order to accomplish the work to be done with the village council’s authorization.
  • The employee shall have authorization to operate all town-owned equipment and vehicles to accomplish the above mentioned duties.  It is understood that the town-owned equipment shall not be loaned out to individuals without prior authorization of the Mayor or Village Council.
  • No unauthorized person shall be a passenger in any town vehicle without prior authorization of the Village Council or Mayor.
  • The employee shall give at least 30 days written notice of intent to resign.
  • The employee shall have the required Class 1 Water and Wastewater licenses.
  • Any additional duties as deemed necessary by the Mayor upon approval by Council, or in the event of an emergency or by the President of Council.

Village of Rockford is an equal opportunity employer. This application will not be used for limiting or excluding any applicant from consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by local, state or federal law. Should an applicant need reasonable accommodation in the application process, he or she should contact a company representative.