Chamber News: November 8, 2018

Chamber Members
First of all, on behalf of the Rockford Chamber I would just like to thank you for being a member. Your involvement in the Rockford Chamber, dedication to the Rockford Community and volunteer spirit make being a part of this organization refreshing. We have a special treat coming in the next few months for our members, stay tuned for details!
Secondly, thank you to the area businesses that were represented during today’s Chamber meeting. Our organization is developing an Executive Board to best serve our area businesses and meet the needs of our community. Fresh faces were in attendance and new ideas were shared. We are excited about the future of the Chamber and invite you along with us as we fine-tune how we support our business community and grow as an organization.
I encourage you to consider being an active member on the Executive Board. It is critical that we have representation from all industries to best address the needs of our businesses. A few interested parties have stepped into leadership roles, and I invite you to consider one of the following open positions; President, Secretary, Treasurer. In addition to those roles, there are 3 open seats as board members. Each role will have defined expectations and responsibilities in addition to working together to strengthen the Chamber as an organization and best servicing our business community.
There will still be opportunities for volunteerism outside of our Executive board, and we look forward to hearing from our members to learn of areas we can improve and grow. They say it takes a village, so let’s pull our resources and ideas together to make a difference.
Our Mission: The Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Inc., exists to bring together business, government, and civic interests to enhance the economic and social environment of the Rockford, Ohio, area. The Rockford Chamber is to be an advocate of as well as a means for business improvement and economic growth while at the same time providing benefits to its members and to the community at large. Visit the Chamber on the web at, or on facebook at
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Marie Miller
Interim President, Rockford Chamber of Commerce
Social Media Marketing Manager, Brand It Marketing